About Us

Oxygen Broadband is one of the leading Product & Solution Providers for the new emerging and converging technologies of telecommunications for Greece, Balkans and Central Eastern Europe.The core strengths of Oxygen Broadband are its highly skilled professional experts and its strategic alliances with leading technology partners.

Research & Development

Committed to design innovative products and services by using the latest technology trends, the company builds upon the expertise of its R&D engineers in the areas of Embedded Linux OS, IP Stacks, VoIP Protocols, DSP Compression Algorithms, Device Provision and Management and Organization of Large Scale Production. Solid Research and Development into the areas of QoS Support and Performance/Session, User and Device Mobility/Network Security and Privacy, provides our customers with new and innovative products.

Currently the R&D department is undertaking research into the areas of:
  • Integration and interoperability of differentiated devices in a next generation network.
  • Securing high quality VoIP communications.
  • Optimization for variated content on differentiated devices (e.g. mobile devices) using QoS and validation mechanisms.
  • Cross layer optimization for video multicast.

Open Source

Open Source Software (OSS) is used in parts of our products that are under the GNUv3 licence. Contact us for the request of relevant source code implemented functionanilty using OSS.